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Why Do People with Jewelry Allergies Choose Sterling Silver?

Why Do People with Jewelry Allergies Choose Sterling Silver?

07/13/2022 | Desiregem

To develop a silver jewelry allergy, the surface of the item must first tarnish, which can take years. When it comes to silver jewelry, the most common allergy is to nickel.

Contact dermatitis, the underlying cause of the allergy, occurs when the small quantity of nickel found in silver jewelry is released and comes into direct contact with the skin.

In this post, we will discuss ways to wear silver jewelry without getting skin allergies. Let’s see how.

Choose Sterling Silver, Which Does Not Contain Any Allergens


Silver jewelry made of sterling silver is usually hypoallergenic. Allergy-free metals are used to create hypoallergenic jewelry. Jewelry that does not contain nickel or has a very low amount of nickel is usually called hypoallergenic.


Sterling silver is a mixture of silver and other metals that gives pure silver more tensile strength. Sterling silver may include nickel, but the small percentage isn't a big deal for most individuals. With frequent cleaning and wear, tarnish can be avoided in sterling silver, which has a high copper content.



Benefits of Choosing Sterling Silver


There is a slew of wonderful advantages to using hypoallergenic sterling silver in your jewelry, including the following:

  • Keeps Rash at Bay

Because of sterling silver's hypoallergenic properties, allergic responses like rashes can be prevented when the metal is worn.

  • Wearable with Ease

Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, so you won't have to worry about irritating your skin while wearing your favorite jewelry.

  • Durable

Sterling silver is a long-lasting metal, making it ideal for everyday jewelry like stud earrings. In addition, sterling silver is hypoallergenic so that you can wear your studs all day long!


Avoid Allergies by Keeping Silver Clean


Preventing inflammation by cleaning sterling silver jewelry is vital. The filth and grime that accumulates on our clothing during the course of our daily lives can cause discomfort when worn against the skin.



You can use a soft towel to polish your silver stacking rings and chains. To avoid loosening costly jewels like diamonds, do not submerge them in the water while cleaning them. Your sterling silver will continue to be hypoallergenic even after being cleaned.


Keep Wearing Your Silver Jewelry, but Follow These Tips to Avoid Allergy Attacks


Nickel allergy can be avoided by avoiding the allergen. This may be difficult if the jewelry's base metal is unknown.If jewelry causes skin irritation or discoloration, remove it for a few days and retry it. Nickel or silver allergies can be avoided in three other ways.

If you're allergic to silver, sterling silver or titanium are preferable choices. To save money, leather and metal canisters can be replaced with plastic or cloth versions.

Construct barriers around the things. Make a barrier between your skin and silver jewelry by applying multiple coats of transparent nail paint.

Reapply additional coats of nail polish after many wears to keep your skin from being exposed to irritating substances.

Buy hypoallergenic jewelry. If you're allergic to nickel, ask the salesperson what metals were utilized in the item. Titanium, platinum, sterling silver, and 18k gold are nickel-free. Avoid white gold that has been coated or mixed with platinum.





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