What Type Of Handmade Silver Rings Can Catch The Attraction?

Wondering how to select and style jewelry to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? Making the most of your jewelry collection without being boring can seem a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be impossible. Because these days there is a wide range of silver jewelry available. 

But the key is to find something unique and attractive. And when talking about rings, handmade 925 sterling silver rings with stones are the ones that take away all the attractions. Besides, here are some types of attractive silver rings to fill your wardrobe with. 

Different Types of Handmade Silver Rings

Blue Topaz Faceted

The Blue Topaz Faceted is a great choice when it comes to handmade silver rings with stone. The blue and silver combination is perfect to attract the eyes of many and also makes the perfect gift for a special occasion. 

It is a tough gemstone that can easily be worn daily and also the blue color represents calmness. 

Emerald Facets

Emerald Facets are another great handmade silver ring. They are great gemstones when it comes to daily use because of having no durability issues. Not only durable but they are also beautiful enough to be used as engagement rings. 

The most highly prized emeralds are basically expensive. However, other emerald colors include bluish-green and pure green. And the popular shapes include octagon and round. 

Pearl Cabochon

Another name under the list of the highest-selling and popular handmade silver gemstone rings include Pearl Cabochon. These gemstones are well carved by highly skilled equipped artisans along with good cutting and polishing. 

It makes a great option as a gift for her as such rings add a personal feminine pearl touch. It defines glamor and also provides a pretty contrast to every outfit.


Multistone is another great choice especially to be worn for special occasions as you can customize different time gemstones on a silver base surface. 

These are the best options when it comes to 925 sterling silver rings as they can be customized into any design. The different colors of gemstones will also easily go with different styles and looks. 

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon

Rainbow moonstone Cabochon is popular to attract the attention of many at a single glance. They are beautiful, glowy as well as romantic. From date to engagements, they make a great choice and can have everyone glancing. 

Since ancient times, it has been used to create rings. The bluish luster on the surface of the gem to a unique optical glowy illusion, this ring surely is eye-catching and can draw the eyes of many. 

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