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What Qualities to Check for While Buying Silver Handmade Necklaces?

What Qualities to Check for While Buying Silver Handmade Necklaces?

07/29/2022 | Desiregem

There are many different types of contemporary jewelry that employ silver as an embellishment; this type of jewelry is growing more popular around the world. If you compare it to gold jewelry, its popularity is skyrocketing! 

The price of gold is rising, and most jewelry designers are now designing silver adornments and decorations for a variety of market groups. As a result, wholesale silver handmade necklaces are a popular choice for those with low financial resources.

The Composition 

As with any jewelry purchase, it's critical to know the quality of the wholesale silver handmade necklaces you're considering. You should be getting what you paid for. 

It is essential that you understand the quality standards before making a purchase of silver jewelry. 

To manufacture sterling silver jewelry, jewelers must utilize fine silver, which is the purest kind of silver and therefore the most suitable for everyday wear. 
Sterling silver is around ninety-three percent silver and around eight percent additional metal, typically copper, which adds durability to sterling silver.


Here are some more things to consider - 

Test with a Magnet

If you happen to have a magnet on hand, you should run it over your silver necklace. If it sticks to the magnet, it is not made of pure sterling silver because silver is non-magnetic like gold and copper. Silver is weakly magnetic, unlike iron, nickel, cobalt, etc. 
If your magnet attaches strongly to the piece, it's ferromagnetic and not silver. Fake silver or silver-plated objects usually use other metals. This test can tell you if your item is true silver or not.

Authenticity Marks

Look for silver marks. If you suspect an item is a silver, search for a stamp or hallmark. In most countries, silver objects to be sold commercially are stamped with one or more hallmarks showing the purity of the silver, the manufacturer or silversmith, the year of manufacturing, and other information about the piece. 
International silver merchants mark silver as 925, 900, or 800. These statistics show the purity of silver. The wholesale sterling silver necklaces are 92.5% pure or above.

Nitric Acid Testing is another Alternative

The item's color will change if it is put on something other than silver. The accessibility of nitric acid testing for wholesale sterling silver necklaces should be inquired about before making any purchase. 

In most cases, the jeweler will not refuse to do a nitrate test on the piece of jewelry you are purchasing. Goggles and gloves have been given, so make sure to wear them when you begin your exam. 

An item's sterling silver content can be determined by running a nitric acid solution over the region where the acid was applied. If it's a scam, the area will appear greenish in appearance.

The Stink Test 

The portion in question is odorless, so feel free to sniff it. Is there a distinct smell to it? A sterling silver item will not have sulfur or a unique metallic fragrance if you can detect them. 

Smell suggests that the piece is not totally sterling silver, even if it is coated in silver For those of us with a strong sense of smell, this is an excellent test to undertake.

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