Diamonds The Sparkling Birthstone of April

Nothing quite compares to the dazzling beauty of a diamond. It's no wonder why this precious gemstone has been treasured and admired since ancient times, with long-held beliefs connecting diamonds to strength and everlasting love. A diamond is said to bring all its traditional associations into an individual's life—power, success and courage among them. If you're thinking about adding some sparkle to your April wardrobe or jewelry box, then read on for facts about diamonds and how they are mined today!

Introducing April's Birthstone - Diamonds

April's birthstone is the diamond, symbolizing innocence and clarity. Representing strength and invincibility, diamonds are timeless treasures that remain favorites among jewelry lovers. If you're looking for a special way to honor someone born in April, consider buying online gemstone silver jewelry from Desire Gem. Our collection houses the highest quality diamonds with stunning beauty and has been carefully hand-selected from nature's raw materials to create lasting memories for years to come. Let our wonderfully crafted diamond pieces help celebrate the ones born in April for all their hard work, dedication and bravery!

Shopping Tips for Buying Quality Diamonds

When looking for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry, be sure to shop with confidence. Do research ahead of time and learn the basics of buying quality diamonds. Shop at reputable stores and work with an experienced jeweler to choose the right stone. When evaluating diamond clarity, look for inclusions visible under a 10x loupe magnification – any inclusions larger than that can affect the stone’s beauty. An ideal cut will have balanced proportions, resulting in superior light performance. Lastly, be sure to purchase a GIA-certified diamond or one that has been evaluated by another gemological laboratory with high standards. Doing so will ensure your diamond is as advertised and adds peace of mind when investing in this timeless piece for yourself or someone special.

Caring for Your Diamond Jewelry - Prolonging Its Sparkle

Caring for your diamond jewelry can be the difference between a brilliant sparkle and one that is dulled with time. To keep the diamonds in your collection looking their best, proper care and maintenance is key. The most important step you can take to protect your diamonds is getting them insured - that way any unfortunate accidents or damage won't break the bank. Beyond insurance, keeping your diamond jewelry stored properly when not being worn, such as in a soft pouch or lined box, will help prevent accidental scratches and chipping, which could ruin the clarity or brilliance of a diamond. It's also wise to clean them regularly using a mild cleaning solution that won't disturb the setting of the gemstones. Follow these steps and your diamond jewelry will always look its best; guaranteeing many years of sparkling delight!

Creative Ways to Gift a Diamond This April

When you think of finding the perfect diamond gift, turn to Desire Gem, a leading gemstone jewelry manufacturer. This April, they are sure to have beautiful and creative solutions for any gifting occasion. With diamonds that come in an array of sizes and shapes, such as brilliant cuts, princess cuts and emerald cut stones, personalized jewelry pieces can easily be created for any individual. From necklaces to rings or even loose stones that can be added to a custom piece of jewelry, the possibilities are endless when you start working with the experts at Desire Gem. Exquisitely crafted creations made from the finest diamonds will surely bring a special sparkle this April!


When it comes to diamonds, there really is no better choice for April’s birthstone. Not only are they symbolic of everlasting love, but the high quality and variety in jewelry make them fashionable and unique. And with the right shopping tips, anyone can make sure that their diamond sparkles for a lifetime. As spring blooms around us, consider surprising your beloved with a diamond pendant as a sign of your affection this April. For more advice on choosing and gifting quality diamonds, remember to check out Desire Gem – they have everything you need to make your diamond shine!